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12• 12 Seeing beyond the i l l u s i o n

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Seeing beyond the i l l u s i o n.

Why is it that ‘ society’ and our ‘system’ is advocating staying in, and social distancing as a preventative for becoming sick when our immunity is tied to our energy + light bodies being in balance and raising our vibration. The concern should be more about ways to raise your frequency, and immunity and focus on the things that effect it such as - what you are listening to, what foods are you putting in your body, what is your daily meditation practice, and what is state of well being. A ‘vaccine’ is not a save all ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’.

Our body has the natural ability to heal itself, why is this not taught in our education system?

Have you ever question why instead of asking a global society to take a vaccine why we are not being asked to learn how to heal ourself? Why are we not being asked to activate and learn about tuning into our natural our body‘s natural ability to heal? Imagine instead of giving a vaccine which has countless side effects are which are still ‘unknown’ that society actually took a moment to learn how to meditate, how to access parts of thier subconscious mind to turn on the bodies autonomic system to activate the bodies natural ability to heal.

We are cosmic souls made up of frequency, sound, light + energy.

We live in a world where we are taught to rely on medicine when in fact our body has the natural ability to heal itself.

Mental health comes from doing the ‘inner-work’ and creating a practice - not just taking a pill that will temporarily mask the pain and put a bandaid on the symptom.

Your immunity is tied to your energy field being in balance. What you watch, listen to and eat, and your daily practice is essential to your wellness + mental health.

It’s a time to wake up and activate this power that we each hold.

Energy medicine is crucial in taking the power back, in relying on some thing outside of ourselves to heal.

Treat your temple with love.

With love, in service to love.

stillness is the medicine.

12 • 12 • 2020

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